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Megabass Orochi XX Spinning Rods

Megabass Orochi XX Spinning Rods

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  • The Megabass Orochi XX Spinning series is a line of high-end rods that embody the intersection between Japanese rod technology and North American bass fishing.
  • Multi-tonnage construction: Each blank utilizes low-resin carbon of varying tonnage to match the desired bend-characteristics of each point to the ideal tonnage, each blank is able to realize ever-greater potential.
  • Micro-Pitch Taping: Un-sanded finishing tape features higher wrapping-density for increased durability and blank crispness.
  • Fuji SiC guides that have been precisely placed to highlight the unique properties of each model.
  • Available in 4 models that cover the basic bass fishing spinning application (e.g, Dropshot, finesse soft plastics, weightless worms, small jerkbaits, etc).

Since their debut in 2013, the Megabass Orochi XX series has represented the intersection between Japanese rod technology and North American bass fishing. Now, through painstaking refinement and extensive field-testing, the next chapter in the Orochi saga is set to begin with the introduction of the Megabass Orochi XX Spinning Rods.

Carefully redesigned to deliver clear performance gains - all while staying true to the core characteristics of their predecessors, the Megabass Orochi XX Spinning Rods employ advanced X47-ASL Metal Fiber Blanks ("kabt") materials to achieve greater lifting power, torque, lightness, and crispness. Replacing the first generation's old carbon wrap, the Megabass Orochi XX Spinning Rods feature kabt's metal microfiber material woven into a layered, multi-axis arrangement to deliver a superior power to weight ratio and more decisive control.

Undergoing subtle refinements to balance points in response to a lighter overall weight, the Megabass Orochi Spinning Rods employ Fuji SiC guides that have been precisely placed to highlight the unique properties of each model. Fitted with Megabass' Spiral Architecture Reel Seats for seamless connection and improved ergonomics, the Megabass Orochi XX Spinning Rods embody Megabass' unflinching commitment to the American angler.

Available in 4 models that cover the basic bass fishing spinning application (e.g, drop shot, finesse soft plastics, etc).

Developed for jerkbaits like the X-80 Trick Darter and Vision Oneten series, the Ronin preserves the bend characteristics and ergonomic advantages of the original, while improving the recovery rate of the blank. Understanding the importance of managing slack line throughout the jerkbait's cadence, the Ronin's blank exhibits greater crispness, returning to center-rest with fewer oscillations than its predecessor. This also allows for more precise transmission of rod work, connecting angler to the dynamic and nuanced action of Megabass jerkbaits more fully.

The ergonomics of a compact handle and tapered cork fore grip combine to deliver a superior spinning setup for jerkbaits, allowing for less wrist torque when working baits with sharp, sideways or downward snaps of the rod. In addition, the RoninΒ is an excellent choice for pinpoint-casting of weighted and weightless worms, and its 6'8" length is ideal for dock-skipping soft plastics.

The Whipsnake delivers a dramatic increase in sensitivity and lifting power, bringing finesse light-line applications to new heights. With a delicate tip required for subtle rod work and a buttery-smooth transition under load, the Whipsnake uncoils to dominate surging fish and keep them securely pinned throughout the fight. Ideal for drop shot, no-sinker, wacky, and super finesse presentations, the Whipsnake has the sensitivity to detect the lightest bites, and the backbone to subdue hard-fighting keepers.

Building upon the versatility of the original, the new Shakyhead exhibits superior sensitivity for bottom-contact applications. The new Micro Pitch Taping process increases spine-like feel to transmit bottom composition with eerie clarity, while also delivering greater crispness to manipulate rigs over rocks and through gravel with ease. The power contained in the kabtβ„’ metal microfiber butt-section dominates the fight and allows for heavier line than previous models, excelling with a braid + leader setup. Built for finesse applications where long casts and a quick, solid hookset are required, the fast tip translates perfectly to shaky head, jig head, micro jig, and wacky-rig applications.

Dedicated for deep-water applications, such as tubes and bottom swimbaits like the Dark Sleeper, the EnforcerΒ was developed with Northern waters in mind. With a smooth, parabolic bend crafted to both absorb aggressive head-shakes and control long fights, the Enforcer allows for light-line applications that may otherwise seem below its weight class. At 7'4" with an extended rear grip, the Enforcer is built for long two-handed casts, and can be tucked comfortably under the arm for long dragging techniques and increased leverage against monster smallmouth. Additionally, the Enforcer excels with the salt-rich no-sinker rigs often employed in the South. The added length of the rod allows for long casts and sweeping hooksets to quickly take up slack line, while the kabtβ„’-powered backbone controls the fight in-and-around brush piles and submerged timber.

F3-611XXS Whipsnake 6' 11" Light X-Fast 5 - 12 lbs. 1/16 - 3/8 oz. 14 1/4"
F3.5-70XXS Shakeyhead 7' 0" Med-Light Fast 5 - 16 lbs. 1/8 - 1/2 oz. 14 1/4"
F4-68XXS Ronin 6' 8" Med-Light Fast 8 - 20 lbs. 1/4 - 3/4 oz. 14"
F4.5-74XXS Enforcer 7' 4" Medium Fast 8 - 20 lbs. 1/4 - 5/8 oz. 15 1/2"

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