Warranty Claims

Warranty Information

Some products sold byΒ Kentackle may come with aΒ manufacturer’s warranty to the original purchaser thatΒ the product will be free from defects in material and/or workmanship.Β This warranty is not transferable.Β Goods under warranty cover can be replaced or repaired by the manufacturer. No refund can be provided under any circumstances.

  1. Proof of purchase required to make a Warranty Claim.
  2. All claims submitted toΒ Kentackle will be forwarded onto the relevant Supplier of the goods for approval of claim.
  3. Any shipping costs incurred to/fromΒ Kentackle for a warranty claim will be at the consumer's expense.

To proceed with a Warranty Claim please email us at:Β info@kentackle.co.ke

All warrantees are voided if returned product is found in any way to be mishandled, misinstalled, modified, tampered, abused, physically damaged.

Kentackle is not responsible for any parcel missing in transit, or on its return back toΒ Kentackle.