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Gary Yamamoto

Gary Yamamoto Shad Shape Worm 3 inch Drop Shot Bait 10 pack

Gary Yamamoto Shad Shape Worm 3 inch Drop Shot Bait 10 pack

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  • Yamamoto Baits / Gary Yamamoto Shad Shape Worm is a 3 inch soft plastic drop shotting bait.
  • Gary Yamamoto and his team took the tournament-winning 4 inch Shad Shape Worm and resized it to a 3-inch finesse Shad Shape Worm, perfect for drop shotting.
  • Small baitfish/worm profile with a single tail appendage that produces a tantalizing teasing action. Also good on a small shakey head or Ned rig to imitate a baitfish feeding on bottom.
  • Serving up an incredible baitfish presentation, this 3 inch worm is the ultimate baitfish replicant when applied on a dropshot.
  • Available in 18 wild colors, 10 baits per pack.

The Yamamoto Baits 3 inch Shad Shape Worm was born by popular demand of our pros and customers. Staying with Gary Yamamoto's "ALL-BUT-PERFECT" shape of the original Shad Shape Worm, the 3 inch version is the ticket for certain scenarios that call for a smaller profile offering. Ultra-clear water, small baitfish and highly pressured fish are a few of the scenarios where the 3 inch Shad Shape Worms shines. Put it on a Damiki rig or a drop shot and go ahead and fill up the livewells before you cast. 18 wild colors, 10 baits per pack.

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