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Gamakatsu Gika Rig

Gamakatsu Gika Rig

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  • The Gamakatsu Gika Rig features an offset EWG worm hook connected to a solid eye ring. Then, a Gika Rig Weight is connected to the solid eye, resulting in a soft plastic that moves more freely of the bait, while still allowing you bottom contact.
  • Weight size is stamped directly into the bait, making it easy to up or downsize your weight depending on conditions.
  • With the worm hook shape and angled Gamakatsu Z-Bend, your bait stays weedless and ready to fish without risk of sliding off the hook.
  • The Gika Rig weight taps along the bottom letting you detect structure, rocks and vegetation while your bait freely dances along on the solid ring.
  • Gamakatsu's new Gika Rig comes in 3 different hook sizes and multiple weight configurations--2 Gika Rigs per pack.

Gamakatsu's new Gika Rig combines the natural presentation of finesse fishing with the speed of power fishing. Gika Rigs come from Japan and use an off-set shank worm hook with an elongated drop shot style weight attached directly to the eye via a solid ring. The position of the weight allows anglers to "feel" the bottom, detecting transitions in composition and helping find fish-holding structures. The Gamakatsu Gika Rig produces a natural swimming and dropping motion. The solid ring allows the plastic bait to float freely and rotate from side to side as it descends. It slips through vegetation with ease and grabs the attention of bass. Two Gika Rigs per pack.

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