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Gamakatsu Finesse Jig Head EWG Hooks

Gamakatsu Finesse Jig Head EWG Hooks

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  • The Gamakatsu Finesse Jighead EWG Hooks are build on 1/0 hooks that let you fish like a Ned Rig, but rig it weedless like a Texas Rig!
  • Featuring Gamakatsu's sharply angled Z-bend that keeps your bait from sliding down the shank of the hook on a tail strike.
  • Also features an offset eye that is countersunk into the Ned Head to give your bait a "standing up" or "walking" action when you pull if you're using a floating plastic or neutrally buoyant plastic.
  • The Gamakatsu Finesse Jig Head EWG lets you put the hook point into the bait, so you'll be able to maneuver around cover and structure without hanging up like you would with other ned rigs.
  • Check out the Gamakatsu Finesse Jighead EWG Hooks! 4 different sizes that come 4 hooks per pack.

If you're a Ned rigger, you probably haven't seen this before: An offset eye, countersunk into the jig head, with a premium forged steel Gamakatsu hook. Well, now you have. Reduce time rigging and spend more time fishing. This all-in-one design is tough to beat when bass are spooked or finicky in overfished conditions. Available in 4-packs, in 3/32, 1/8, 3/16, and 1/4 ounce sizes

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