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Galvan Brookie Fly Reel

Galvan Brookie Fly Reel

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Product Description

Proving that cutting-edge design doesn't have to be complicated, the ultra-lightweight Brookie Series from Galvan is an entirely new kind of fly reel. With a revolutionary approach to line tension and a commitment to lasting performance, the Brookie is a modern reel built on old principles: quality craftsmanship and simple, dependable componentry. The difference lies in Galvan's new Click-Ball Tension System, a foolproof departure from traditional click and pawl reels. Delivering customizable spool tension with minimal moving parts, the Brookie's Click-Ball System strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and versatility. Achieving your desired level of resistance is as simple as a few turns of an Allen wrench, leaving you to enjoy impeccable line retrieve without worrying about adjusting your drag. This feature makes the exceptionally smooth Brookie ideal for palming and the perfect tool for trout anglers who value the subtle play thats crucial to fishing with light tackle on technical water. The Click-Ball System simplifies the concept of drag so there is virtually no interference between you and the fish.

On the exterior, the Brookie features distinct porting and a weatherproof finish. Aside from giving it a unique style, this precision machining process eliminates virtually all excess weight from the fly reel making it one of the lightest fully machined American-made reels available. This reduced weight, combined with the superior dependability of 6061 bar stock aluminum, provides a reel that is as bulletproof as it is light. From the raw materials and the machining to the innovative spool tension system, every element of the Brookie fly reel is built to ensure a lifetime of use and performance that won't be compromised by long days on the water.

Available in four models for 0-to 5-weight lines, the Brookie Series is an achievement in light tackle and the ideal complement to today's ultra-lightweight fly rods. More traditional anglers will appreciate its straightforward design and sure reliability, while new-school anglers will love the look and feel of the reel. Both will appreciate the seamless line retrieve. Regardless of what draws you to the reel, Galvan's Brookie Series is certain to change the future of the lightweight fly reel.

Model & Diameter Spool Width Weight(oz.) Line Weights Line Capacity Yards Micron Backing (lbs.) Micron Backing Reel Price Spool Price
B 0-1 (2.7?) .75? 2.54 0-1 WF-0-F / WF-1-F 40 yd / 30 yd 20 lb $255.00 $130.00
B 2-3 (2.95?) .85? 2.72 2-3 WF-2-F / WF-3-F 40 yd / 30 yd 20 lb $265.00 $135.00
B 3-4 (3.2?) .85? 2.97 3-4 WF-3-F / WF-4-F 60 yd / 50 yd 20 lb $275.00 $140.00
B 4-5 (3.45?) .85? 3.20 4-5 WF-4-F / WF-5-F 90 yd / 80 yd 20 lb $285.00 $145.00


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